Farewell Party: Party Ideas for Going Away

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There are times in everyone’s life where they have to say goodbye, whether it be a friend moving away or a favorite colleague transitioning to a new company. However, if you have to say goodbye, why not make it easier with a going away party? A farewell party doesn’t have to be a painful parting and can be an opportunity to leave a lasting mark on a friend by sending them off in style. Going away party ideas work to strengthen ties with departing loved ones by giving them a thoughtful goodbye, showing them how important they are to you, and creating one last opportunity to make fond memories. If you have a tough goodbye coming up, we’ve listed out some of our favorite going away party ideas below to plan a fantastic evening that will be remembered for years to come.

Fantastic Farewell Party Themes

Every conclusion heralds the beginning of something new as we bid farewell to one chapter and welcome the next. While these events can be tough, you want your last memories together to be of fun and laughter — not tears and goodbye hugs. What better way to commemorate a momentous occasion than with one of these festive farewell party ideas?

  • Masquerade Party
    Masquerade parties are a great option for goodbye parties because you can tailor them to fit your loved one’s personality. Throw a regal and elegant masquerade party, or go with goofy and silly masks instead. This is an excellent theme for a farewell party because all your guests will need is a mask that may be used with any costume and provides a perfect chance for guests to express their creativity.
  • Color Party
    Choose a single color or a color combination as your goodbye party theme. For example, if your special someone is leaving for college, a great option is to host a party themed with their new school colors. Color coordinate your invites, decor, food, and beverages. Allow the guests to dress in accordance with the color scheme and to grace the event in style.
  • Decades Party
    Take a trip back in time and throw a decade party. Choose a favorite decade, such as the 1960s or 1990s, and dress up in the trends from that era. Dance to the sounds of that decade’s music and you can take it a step further by giving prizes to the best-dressed people. If you’re saying goodbye to an old friend you’ve known for decades, choose the decade that you met in for a sentimental touch.
  • Halloween
    Who doesn’t love Halloween? Host a good-bye party with a spooky theme, no matter what time of year! It’s one of the best ideas for going away parties because a Halloween party is a guarantee for a fun-filled evening of costumes, candy, and decorations.
  • Packing Party
    When it comes to preparing for a cross-country relocation or a long-term trip, sometimes the best present is simply coming over with cardboard boxes. If a buddy is moving out of their house, this is one of the most helpful farewell party ideas for friends. Everyone needs help moving, whether it be loading the U-Haul, cleaning out the garage, or donating unwanted goods to charity. Break out a couple bottles of champagne and boxes of pizza once you’ve finished packing for a low-key party.
  • Destination Party
    Use the going away party to commemorate a new adventure in a new city. It’s a fun way to communicate “we’ll miss you” while simultaneously expressing your excitement for their future journey. Set up decorations and have a potluck where guests bring foods unique to your friend’s new destination.
  • Bonvoyage Party
    Sometimes traditional festivities are the best way to go. Throw a “bonvoyage party” with a travel theme, complete with map tablecloths and a cooler full of wine bottles from around the world. This theme is especially appropriate for a farewell party if your loved one is moving abroad or going on a long trip.
  • Escape Room Farewell Party
    If you’re looking for one last bonding experience, an escape room is an excellent option. Gather clues, decipher messages, and complete puzzles with your group one last time at one of Paranoia Quest’s themed escape rooms.
  • Family Feud Party
    You’ve made it to the farewell party, but do you know everything there is to know about your departing friend? While there are several game shows you can pull from, with Family Feud, a couple of index cards and two buzzers makes it an easy and fun way to learn things you never knew about your loved one before they go.
  • Board Game Extravaganza
    It’s more than just fun and games when you play board games. They encourage strategic thinking, teamwork, and plain old fun. Spend one last evening with a marathon of multiple board games set up around the room for a fun-filled evening of competitive spirit and laughter.

The Ultimate Farewell Party Idea

Goodbyes are never easy, so why sit through an awkward exchange of farewells when you could spend your last day together exploring the mysteries of Atlanta’s best escape rooms? At Paranoia Quest, we specialize in creating team building events and providing a variety of themed escape rooms that create long-lasting memories for you and your group. Contact us today to plan your farewell party and say goodbye in style.

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