Experience Gift Ideas: Perfect Presents for Adventure-Lovers


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Finding the perfect gift for important people in your life isn’t always easy. So ditch the DIY presents and online gift cards, and go for an experience gift instead! Objects can never match the memories experience gifts can offer.

With an experience gift, you can encourage someone to try something new or offer them a new way to enjoy something they already love.

But how can you find the right experience gift? Everyone is unique, so let’s look through some of the best experience gift ideas depending on the type of person you’re shopping for.

For the Nature Lover: Lake Tugaloo Seakayaking

If you’re looking for the best experience gifts for someone who loves nature, you can’t go wrong with a Lake Tugaloo Seakayaking adventure.

It’s an exciting and immersive way to discover nature in South Carolina, just a short hop from Georgia. The water is relatively calm so that the experience won’t be stressful for less experienced kayakers, and it’s sure to provide plenty of great memories. Your loved one will not only learn how to paddle through the waters safely but will also get to enjoy the beautiful scenery and learn about Lake Tugaloo’s history and wildlife.

For the Water Sports Nut: Lake Lanier Flyboarding

Flyboarding is one of the most unforgettable and best experience birthday gifts you can give a water sports fanatic. Soaring in the air above the water on a jet board, Lake Lanier Flyboarding is the perfect experience gift for water thrillseekers and a wild experience your loved one won’t soon forget.

For the Amateur Detective: Paranoia Quest’s Escape Rooms

If you need good experience gifts for someone who loves solving riddles and collecting clues, an escape room is a perfect option. It’s also one of the best gift experiences for couples, as they can solve the challenge of escaping together, which can be even more rewarding than doing it yourself and bring you closer together.

When you choose one of the immersive escape rooms offered by Paranoia Quest, you can make an entire day of it, going through the experience with friends and seeing who can solve the room’s clues the fastest. So whether you’re looking for experience gifts for a boyfriend, girlfriend, family member, or friend — book an escape room for a truly unforgettable bonding experience.

For the Speed Demon: Bull Ring Ridealong

If the person you’re celebrating loves cars and racing, you can’t go wrong with an experience gift that will put them in a 400-plus horsepower car going more than 170 miles per hour.

As far as experience gift ideas go, this might be one of the more extreme options. But it can be the perfect gift for someone who’s always dreamed of feeling the roar of a V8 engine as they speed along the race track.

For the Gamer: VR Gaming for Adults

Virtual Reality gaming is on the rise, with people of all ages discovering the unique experience of being transported into a new world. If you have someone in your life who’s into gaming but hasn’t yet tried Virtual Reality, this might be the experience gift that will make their year.

There are lots of Atlanta experience gifts that provide a full VR experience, including a wide range of games and a guide to walk you through the process to ensure you get the most out of your VR experience.

For the History Buff: Museum Tour

Georgia is home to some of the best museums in the country, so why not take advantage of local history and provide an immersive way to learn about something they love?

Whether it’s going to the Fernbank Museum of Natural History, the High Museum, or the Booth Western Art Museum, all of these can be great experience gift ideas for her or for him.

For the Foodie: Private Cooking Class

If you’re shopping for someone who loves good food and trying out new cuisines, few experience gifts could be better than a private cooking class from a renowned chef. Your loved one can either try their hand at a completely new cuisine or work with an expert chef who can teach them to make world-class versions of their favorite dishes.

Experiences to give as gifts are great because they help people discover something new, and cooking classes can help your loved ones discover something they might use for the rest of their lives.

For the Adrenaline Junkie: Skydiving

Skydiving is something most people can’t imagine doing but secretly wish they could experience. Because of this, make sure your loved one is ready to take on this exhilarating challenge before purchasing this type of experience gift.

The thrill of falling from 14,000 feet at 120 MPH is impossible to put into words. Guided by a professional instructor, the experience is completely safe, and your loved one can enjoy the thrill without having to worry about the details.

Bottom Line

While experience gifts might not last as long as a physical gift, the memories they create can last a lifetime. If you’re looking for experience gift ideas that are fun and suitable for all ages, check out the selection of escape rooms available at Paranoia Quest. Find the perfect escape room in Atlanta today!

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