Escaping the Routine With An Escape Room

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Are You Bored? Escaping the Routine May Be the Answer

Have you done something different this week that was not part of your routine? It may seem like a crazy thought to change your routines when it feels as though they provide structure to our busy lives. However, routines lead us to put our lives on auto pilot and fly right in the comfort zone. Being comfortable in your daily routine leaves very little room for creativity and stepping out of the box. Escaping the routine may be a matter of stepping out of your comfort zone and filing a new flight plan. 

escaping the routine_pq_brainChanging your routine is a great exercise for your brain because you are learning a new way of doing things.  When you are learning you are challenging your brain to new ways of thinking, encourage creativity and paying attention more closely. Have you ever been driving to work and when you arrive you forgot how you even got there? That’s because you are so used to doing it, your brain is not paying as much attention as opposed to taking a new route. When doing the same things every day or week you can begin to fall into a rut.

Every Friday date night it is the same routine: movie, dinner (with a side of boredom) and dessert. Falling into ruts like these can hold you back from trying something new because you get so comfortable with your routine it almost feel’s weird to do something else. An awful rut that more and more people fall into is sitting on social media and their phones when they get bored. People spend hours of their day on their cell phones and social media without realizing it. Instead of doing something creative people spend hours mindlessly scrolling through pictures and posts.

This routine of talking over text and social media is substituting spending time with one another. People are getting so used to texting and communicating over social media posts they are forgetting how to even communicate face to face. We’ve all seen the table of people out to eat, all on their phones not talking to one another; if you haven’t then you and your friend are those people. Instances like these are becoming the norm and they are detrimental to our communication. Put down the device and engage in actual conversation or before you know it you’ll start saying “LOL” when laughing at the person in front of you says something funny. escaping the routine_pq_hands

Break the routines with Paranoia Quest

Take a break from your routine this week and come down to Paranoia Quest. Exercise your brain through our puzzles, put a twist on Friday date nights, interact face to face with your friends and leave the world of social media behind for an hour.

Book your room anytime between now and February 28th to take advantage of our Big Sale! Paranoia Quest- Buford at the Mall of Georgia is a short drive for people coming from Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Sandy Springs, Lawrenceville, Cumming, and Paranoia Quest-Atlanta is available for midtown visitors. Book online or call 678-828-4410 for reservations.

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