Escape the Room Games are the Latest Trend

Paranoia Its Real Quest

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Imagine you are assigned with a task to solve the Mystery, and you only have 60 minutes to do it. The clues are in front of you, but you have to work them out and put them together. Time is ticking and your heart is beating. Your teammates are racking their brains to put the pieces together. Before you even realize it, you are down to 10 minutes remaining. Just then, it happens. The light bulb goes off and you solve the last clue. Phew! You’re free. Okay, you would’ve been able to leave the room anyway, but you get to leave it with a sense of accomplishment.

Besides work, most activities nowadays are mentally passive. We go and watch a concert, TV, videos or a movie, and receive information. There is something lost there as there is not much interaction. If you are looking for an activity that is new, exciting and requires your full attention and effort, Atlanta has just the thing! A new trend of Room Escape Atlanta locations are popping up, and people are loving them. This article will take a closer look at what they are and how they work.

Atlanta Escape Game

Escape the Room Games are the Latest Trend

Escape the room games have quickly caught on around the world. In the Atlanta area, you can already try out the game at Paranoia Quest, Break Out Atlanta, Urban Escape Games, Ultimate Escape Games Atlanta, Mission Escape Atlanta and Room Escape Adventures, just to name a few. You don’t have to look very far to find an escape room near you. These interactive, real-life “games” are a great way to bond with family, team build with coworkers… or just have fun. They challenge critical thinking and get the whole group involved in a collaborative effort.

What is Escape the Room?

Escape the room locations host live escape games which provide a chance to put yourself in situations where you have to problem-solve in order to “escape”. You go into a room with a group of other people and have to problem solve your way out. Problems may include hidden clues, puzzles, secret compartments or objects to manipulate. Often, the escape rooms have themes, offering a variety of rooms to escape from.

Where did Room Escape Adventures Come From?

Where did this idea of real life escape rooms come from? Escape the room is a concept that can be traced back to a book by John Wilson in 1988 titled “Behind Closed Doors.” Then came escape games in the video game world such as Noctropolis and MOTAS. These games are part of a sub-genre of games known as point-and-click adventures, where the games place the player in a locked virtual room in which they must interact with objects to get out. These games really caught on and became popular, resulting in the real life escape rooms being created.

The first real life escape room was created in 2006 in Silicon Valley by system programmers. Then, escape games continued to pop up in countries around the world including Singapore, Canada, the US and Europe. As of 2015, there are now 2,800 real world escape the room venues worldwide. Escape rooms are not something that is intended to frighten or freak anyone out. They are created to be a challenging and fun way to spend an hour. The goal is to push your critical thinking skills as the video games do, but in a truly interactive environment.



Trends toward this new type of “gaming” illustrate the human need for social interaction, and our enjoyment of it. Yes, Call of Duty on Xbox Live is great. But, take the headshot off and join a group of real people to solve a puzzle and you will soon realize that you have been missing out on spending time with real people. Humans have an innate desire to play games. It is a part of our make up as social creatures. That is why so many people love video games, professional sports, and other forms of competition that incorporate socialization. We want to be with one another and we want to compete and use our skills. That is what these games allow. As a matter of fact, they encourage and can build and strengthen relationships.

Even if you live in the big city and you see people all of the time, pass them on the street, sit next time at the diner – do you actually spend time interacting and engaging? Not likely. These urban escape games tap into that deep seated need for social engagement and also stimulate the brain, while giving you a sensation of suspense that might have formerly only been available in a movie or while playing “Call of Duty.” The time crunch is the part that really makes the game thrilling. One hour sounds like a lot, but it zips by while trying to problem solve and escape the room.

People are loving these games and they are popping up everywhere. All over the world, the reviews are overwhelmingly positive. The games are tough, however, and business owners say less than 20% actually solve the problem. That, it seems, might just be part of the fun. From business teams, to families, to tourists, everyone is giving this innovative new game a shot.

Rules of Play

Essentially, players have one hour to find a set of keys or another way out. The keys open the door to the room and you win! However, it is a lot harder than it sounds. It is all about critical thinking skills and paying attention to details. You certainly do not have to be a scholar or a professor to enjoy this game, however. It is not a test of your knowledge, but instead a test of your problem solving abilities. The best groups are between 2 and 10 people. If your group gets completely stumped by the clues and tools provided, the “game masters” who are watching from their “fortress” will assist so that you can move forward with the game.

mission escape atlanta


Here are some of the frequently asked questions about escape rooms.

[av_dropcap2 color=”grey” custom_bg=”#444444″]1[/av_dropcap2]  Are you really locked in?

No. Not really. Should you need to leave, simply press the Exit button. Room escape adventures are meant to be just that. Adventures. However, if you need to get out then nobody will ever make that hard for you.

[av_dropcap2 color=”grey” custom_bg=”#444444″]2[/av_dropcap2]  Do you have to work with people you don’t know?

No. You can arrange for a group of friends to do it with you. You will need to reserve the room – VIP event. Hurry to get your spot. As rooms fills up fast!

[av_dropcap2 color=”grey” custom_bg=”#444444″]3[/av_dropcap2]  How long does a game last?

1 hour

[av_dropcap2 color=”grey” custom_bg=”#444444″]4[/av_dropcap2]  Is it physically challenging?


[av_dropcap2 color=”grey” custom_bg=”#444444″]5[/av_dropcap2]  What is the minimum age?

10 years old, but children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult.

[av_dropcap2 color=”grey” custom_bg=”#444444″]6[/av_dropcap2]  How is the game played?

You and your team put your heads together to solve puzzles, decipher codes and use tools so that you can unlock the room.

[av_dropcap2 color=”grey” custom_bg=”#444444″]7[/av_dropcap2]  Is there a refund policy?

There are typically no refunds as all sales are final. This is because venues have to plan ahead to book escape the room sessions. If you are not sure about date or time don’t book. Find out details for your group first and then book.

Occasions it’s Great for…


Friends will laugh, work together and bond as they crack the codes, solve the puzzles and use their critical thinking skills. You will feel closer to your friends after this experience and you will all learn more about each other. This provides a lot more interaction than say a movie. Learn how your friends think!

Company team building

Get your employees working together to solve problems. In addition, give them a chance to get to know one another and have some fun. There is nothing more important than a work team who can work together to problem solve, and it is the boss’s job to make that happen.


Families are spending less and less time together these days. This real-life hands-on experience is a great way to get the kids off of their smartphones and back into the “real world.” It is also a fantastic to get them engaged with you, their siblings, and even their extended family. You won’t even have to drag them to the car!

Date night

What a great way to spend an evening with a date! You will learn lots about each other and have a few laughs, for sure.


Have a birthday party or a holiday gathering at a game site and spend the special day working your brain and having a great time.


It’s like the ultimate, real life video game! What could be better than that? Have fun at a break out Atlanta location.

Escape the room Atlanta3

What Can I Expect at Paranoia Quest?

Paranoia Quest is a popular escape the room in Atlanta which is worth a visit. They have shared what you can expect when entering one of their rooms. While they have some scary themes offered, they insist the point is not to scare, but thrill and excite people. You will have tools, clues, puzzles and codes to use to break out of the room and win the game!

Paranoia Quest Themes

Zombie Apocalypse

In this scenario, step into a zombie apocalypse world. Zombies have taken over the Earth and it is your responsibility to save mankind from total destruction. You will be part of a special force team that has to get into a high security government research center and find the cure. This room is rated as having medium difficulty, is 60 minutes, and has a 37% success rate.

Inception – Murder Mystery

Inspired by the movie Inception, in this room you will have to enter into a dreamscape in order to solve a mystery. The mystery is the case of a man’s murder. If you don’t solve the crime, you may be stuck in limbo (pretend of course). This room is rated as hard, is 60 minutes and has a 28% success rate.


Coming this fall!

Different themes are exciting for players, as you can keep coming back again and again for more problem solving fun. Paranoia Quest has these 3 themes, and themes will vary at escape the room Atlanta locations.

Locked in

Escape room adventures are a great way to spend time with those that matter to you. Our world has become increasingly caught up in technology and the modern culture in America does not allow for as much time face-to-face as we need with one another. We have become isolated from one another and humans simply must find time to congregate, work together and spend time bonding with other people. These new kind of games allow for that real interaction, as well as a great mental workout. Besides, they are a total blast! Check out Room escape adventures around Atlanta, and Paranoia Quest for a real thrilling time the next time you are going out for entertainment.

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