Escape Room Atlanta’s Insider Tips for a Winning Escape

Can you escape? Written in sketch style

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The Keys to a Successful Escape Room Atlanta Quest

Escape rooms provide can’t-miss experiences. Now that you’ve rounded up your closest buddies, workmates or partner, the time has come for you to conquer an escape room. Whether this is your first go-around or just one of many trips, you’ll want to make this one count by putting forth your all to make your quest a successful one. With challenging puzzles and heart-pounding moments, not every escape attempt is a successful one at Paranoia Quest, an escape room Atlanta. Are you looking for some pointers to escape the room? Stay tuned for some insider tips.

How to Beat an Escape Room Atlanta: 5 Tips for Winning

1. Work as a Team

The only opposition you have in any escape room Atlanta is the clock. No one is trying to steal your playbook, and you certainly don’t face a defense that’ll change its strategy at halftime. That being said, give what it takes to work as a team; come together to achieve your goal: escaping the room.

Escape_Room_Atlanta_Communicate 2. Communicate

Did you find an important clue? Don’t be sheepish! Make your whole team aware of your finding or suspicion. Sharing your findings will help your team to know what to look for next, figure out a puzzle or get a general feel for the overall challenge. This system works best if your team elects a leader.

3. Assign Roles

The most successful teams assign roles. You’ll need a team captain, a few investigators, a note taker and some thinkers. This isn’t to say that you can’t stray from your role when needed, but assigning roles is a good way to keep your team focused while having all hands on deck for the best possible outcome.

Escape_Room_Atlanta_Lock 4. Persist

Some clues won’t make sense to you right away. In fact, some might stump your team, leaving everyone in your group pacing around the room, wracking their brains. These ruts can be the demise of some teams. To get over the hump and crack the code, consider all options, refer to old puzzles or unused clues, continue to probe around the room for possibilities – just do whatever it takes to escape the room. Do not let one part of the puzzle halt all production.

5. Be Observant

Everything can be a clue – and we mean everything. Every detail matters. Is there a picture hanging on the wall? Take note of what colors are used, what words are displayed and what numbers you can deduct from it. These could be clues! In an escape room, leave no stone unturned. The most obscure detail in a room might be your key to victory.

Put Your Knowledge to the Test at Our Escape Room Atlanta: Paranoia Quest

Ready to give it a shot? Book a quest at Paranoia Quest, a highly rated escape room Atlanta. Give Paranoia Quest a call today at 678-828-4410 for our Atlanta location or 678-288-6555 for our Buford location. You can always book a time on our website; click here to book a room in Atlanta or click here to book a room in Buford. Connect with us on Facebook to stay up-to-date on new escape rooms and more.

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