Escape Room Alternatives: Make Your Own for Every Occasion

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Escape Room Alternatives

Whether you’re looking to ditch the typical weekend plan, are having a birthday bash, a playdate, or just want to put your inner mastermind to the test – making your own escape room can be a gamechanger! 

The stuffy movie theater or the predictable restaurant outings are talk of the past. If you really want your guests to have an adrenaline-filled evening, gather the duct tape, some chains, locks, papers, mirrors, and more simple stuff lying around your home. 

Because we’re learning how to make your own escape room at home. 

PS: It won’t be as simple as a breeze, but trust us, this blog has all the necessary details to kick your creative juices in the nuts. Plus, it’s going to be worth it!

Let’s buckle up!

How to Create Your Own Escape Room Game

Escape rooms are a great way to challenge your physical and mental abilities. But remember, the purpose of escape room games is to have a thrilling experience with your mates. 

And if your at home escape room game serves the purpose, the mission is accomplished! 

Here’s how to make your own escape the room game:

1. Set the Stage 

How to Create Your Own Escape Room Game

As you start to create your own escape room at home, the first step is to choose a captivating theme. 

Whether it’s a mystery in a haunted mansion, a mysterious heist, a space exploration mission, or a historical adventure, selecting a theme sets the tone for the entire experience. 

Consider the interests and preferences of your participants to make it engaging for everyone.

Like, if you have Potterheads at your place, transform your space into a wizarding world filled with floating candles, spell books, and hidden chambers. 

Jack Sparrow fans can enjoy a pirate-inspired game with weathered maps, rum barrels, and flickering lanterns.

2. Craft an Epic Storyline 

Don’t we all love stories? A compelling narrative is a mandatory part of every great escape that keeps the participants hooked from start to finish.

Develop a storyline that integrates seamlessly with your chosen theme. For the pirate-inspired theme, imagine that Jack Sparrow has left behind a series of clues to the Pirate’s Cove, where unfold treasure awaits. 

Participants become members of Jack’s crew unraveling the secrets of the pirate’s map, and overcoming challenges to reach the coveted bounty.

Remember, the best storylines are:

  • Personal: Tailor the narrative to your audience’s interests. Potterheads will love deciphering magical spells, while history buffs might crack the code to a hidden message in ancient Greek.
  • Cohesive: Make sure the story ties seamlessly with your chosen theme. A pirate escape room shouldn’t have a talking robot as the final boss, unless you’re going for a steampunk, high-seas adventure.
  • Full of surprises: Keep your players guessing with unexpected twists, red herrings, and hidden agendas. The more they’re on the edge of their seats, the more epic the escape will be.

3. Puzzle Power: Design the Challenges

Making your own escape game

Now, for the pièce de résistance: the puzzles! This is where your inner mad scientist shines. Craft a mix of physical and mental challenges that test teamwork, logic, and observation skills.

Think outside the (escape room) box:

  • Hidden Codes: Decipher messages with invisible ink, UV lights, or ciphers inspired by historical figures.
  • Locks and Keys: Go beyond the basic padlock. Create homemade locks using repurposed objects, like a combination lock hidden within an old book.
  • Sensory Puzzles: Engage more than just sight and sound. Challenge players to identify smells, textures, or even tastes to unlock clues.

Remember, difficulty is key. Keep the initial puzzles achievable to build confidence, then gradually ramp up the complexity to maintain the thrill.

4. Supplies Are Your Fuel

Successful escape rooms pay attention to details, and the same goes for your DIY version. Gather the supplies you need to bring your theme and challenges to life. 

This might include props, costumes, locks, keys, and other miscellaneous items.

Visit your local thrift store, dollar store, or raid your own closets for items that can add authenticity to your escape room. 

A few well-placed props can make a significant difference in creating an immersive experience.

Remember, it’s not about how much money you spend but how creatively you use what you have. 

The more effort you put into the details, the more your participants will feel transported into another world.

5. The Art of Deception: Set the Mood

An escape room isn’t just about puzzles; it’s about an immersive experience. Transform your space into the heart of your chosen theme.

  • Dim the lights, cast eerie shadows.
  • Play thematic music, from suspenseful scores to pirate shanties.
  • Scatter props and decorations that tell the story.
  • Use DIY decorations: cobwebs for a haunted mansion, newspaper clippings for a detective theme.

Make your players feel like they’ve stepped into another world, one where every detail whispers of the adventure they’re about to embark on.

6. Test and Refine

Before unleashing your masterpiece on your unsuspecting friends, take the time to test your escape room. 

Enlist the help of a few willing participants or friends who haven’t been involved in the planning process. Their fresh perspective can highlight any flaws or areas that need tweaking.

Pay attention to how long it takes them to solve each challenge and whether the difficulty level is appropriate. 

Make adjustments as needed to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for everyone.

7. Game On! Set the Rules and Time Limit

Before the escape commences, establish clear rules and a time limit (60 minutes is a good starting point). 

Explain how clues work, what’s off-limits, and how they communicate with you (the mastermind, of course!).

Remember, you’re the conductor of this thrilling symphony. Be a helpful guide if they’re stuck, but don’t give away the answers too easily. 

Let them savor the struggle, the triumph, and the sweet, sweet victory of escape!

Bonus Tip: Record their journey! Capture their reactions, their “aha!” moments, and their epic celebrations. It’ll be a hilarious (and heartwarming) memento of your DIY escape room masterpiece.

Final Words

Making your own escape game is an undeniably rewarding experience, but let’s be honest, it can be a tad on the, well, expensive side. 

Between themed decorations, intricate puzzles, and the inevitable duct tape-induced meltdowns, your DIY masterpiece might leave quite a bigger dent in your wallet.

So why not enjoy the thrill without the hassle? 

At Paranoia Quest, we’ve got a masterful mix of escape room adventures waiting to test your wit, ignite your teamwork, and leave you with memories that’ll outlast any homemade cobweb. 

From pirate-plundering escapades to mind-bending mysteries, we’ve got a theme to tickle every fancy and a challenge to make even the most seasoned escape artist sweat.

Contact us today, and let’s unlock the door to an adventure that’ll leave you breathless (and maybe a little bit lighter in the wallet, too!).

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