Are You Prepared to Enter Virtual Reality?

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Virtual Reality and Real Worlds Combine

Virtual Reality technology has been quietly circling the public for years. Mainly available to the military for training, the average person has sadly, for the most part, been left out of experiencing a world only reachable through the marriage of one’s mind and computers. That is until now.Google Daydream

Seen as the next trend for 2017 to hit everyday users, big names such as Samsung and Google have already begun the process of launching personal VR headsets with the intention of making their users the first to enter the landscape of a new undiscovered world, virtual reality. With the launch of YouTube’s 360-degree video marketing services, companies are already lining up to sell you their next new product in your virtual world.

Many experts thank Pokémon Go and our friend Pikachu for leading the way for the general public into seeing a world outside of their own two eyes. And for those aimlessly searching the dark nights for that elusive next Pokémon, we know the excitement and madness that can ensue when your mind enters the virtual world.Pokemon Go

So as the everyday person prepares to enter the landscape of virtual reality, it is up to the adventurers and courageous souls who dare to go one step beyond, to find a world even more daring to conquer. For those brave enough to enter, the virtual reality frontier is not just one with unique landscapes, but one where one’s very one survival is challenged. A place where there are puzzles to solve, pathways to find and dangers to conquer. A new world that is not just seen but felt, heard and experienced. For these EXTREME explorers a new virtual reality is about to catapult on to the scene in the way of the Virtual Reality Escape Room.

Enter the Manor

On October 31, 2016 at the Mall of Georgia a new VR phenomenon will explode onto the scene guaranteeing to change the world of Escape Room adventures forever.  We, at Paranoia Quest Escape the Room, are proud to be the first in Georgia to bring this new virtual reality experience to our players through Geist Manor.Geist Manor Video

We dare not share too much of the game’s revolutionary technology and thrilling features that are guaranteed to challenge adventurers to master a whole new level of escape room skills. That said what we will say is that with Geist Manor, your mind becomes a whole new area to explore. In a world where what is in front of you isn’t always what it seems, making the wrong choice can lead you to things that reside far outside the logical mind; impossible to be, yet the horrors you face are there and literally right in front of you. All the while your mind is saying this is not real, still you can see, hear and feel that they are indeed real and must be mastered to escape the manor.

So we at Paranoia Quest Escape the Room ask you, are you ready to enter our virtual reality? On October 31, 2016 Geist Manor awaits you, enter if you dare.

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