Enhance Your Team Qualities With An Escape Room

team qualities_paranoia quest

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Great Team Qualities Are Crucial to Success

For a team to be successful in their endeavors there are certain team qualities all members must possess.

Participationteam qualities_paranoia quest_participation

A group is only as strong as its weakest link. There needs to be active participation from all members of the group to accomplish their goals. When everyone is participating there are more ideas and point of views. Participation ensures that any problem is being looked at from multiple angles. When only a few members of a team carry the whole team on their back it lessens the chances for success of the whole team.

  • How an escape room can help: If certain members of the team are not participating to escape the room, they are going to find out real quick because no one is going to make it out. There is no being carried on your teammate’s shoulders in this game! An escape room teaches team members how important each is the the ultimate success of escape.


Yes we are sure every idea you have is fantastic and is the one that needs to be implemented in order for your team to exceed on their project. However, your teammates also have fantastic ideas and sometimes you can even merge ideas together to make a super, incredibly awesome solution come together. Team members must listen to one another whether it be a concern, idea or just some input. team qualities_paranoia quest_listen

  • How an escape room can help: If you are not listening, you are not escaping plain and simple. You need to be listening to what your teammates are telling you, whether it is a strategy or an idea of how to solve the puzzle.

Willingness/ Cooperate

We have all been in the position where we were working on one thing and then got moved to something else. Curve balls are always going to be thrown at you, but your willingness to adapt and move forward from it is what is going to make the team successful. When being part of a team, members must be open and willing to cooperate on different tasks.

  • How an escape room can help: If you have spent 10 minutes on a puzzle and you haven’t been successful you need to be willing to let someone else take control of the situation. If you aren’t cooperating, you are going to end up sinking your team or even worse being eaten by a zombie.

Paranoia Quest Enhances Team Qualities

These great team qualities are all part of what makes a team simpatico. If you read through this list and realize your team is lacking any of these skills it is okay, we have great news. Paranoia Quest Escape the Room can enhance your team qualities and bring you together, whether you are an Atlanta or Buford, we are just a short distance away. Call today 678-828-4410 or book online to schedule your corporate event!

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