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Imagine your team bursts out of rooms cheering, with hands in the air. At The Paranoia Quest Escape the room, it’s common for there’s a palpable air of excitement when teams escape before time runs out.

Getting employees out of their same old work environment, can help to strengthen relationships and improve teamwork skills.

Paranoia Quest offers a great opportunity to do just that. Through our games, your team will be put to the challenge to test their collective skills, develop a new level of respect for each other and overcome obstacles together.

Let’s look at why many team building events fail, and how Paranoia Quest takes an innovative approach that can really build up your team.

Challenges of Team Building Events

There are inherent challenges that your group may face when taking part in a team building event. The most prominent is disinterest. If the group is uninterested in the activity, it is not going to be successful. Unfortunately, team building has become a bit cliche due to corny corporate meetings and boring games. A key to success is attending an event that requires the full attention of all participants, and one that is fun. If participants are having fun and engaged, you can make some real progress. But, how do you achieve that?

Paranoia Quest Escape Rooms for Team Building

Escape games create a unique environment which requires the skills of every person in the room. Although it is a simulation, the game becomes serious when the team needs to reach a goal in a set amount of time. This creates a fun and cooperative atmosphere that pulls people in and results in team work. Let’s look at how Paranoia Quest escape rooms games helps with team building:

Facilitates Team Work.

The group becomes motivated about completing the mission in their Escape Room, and will work together to finish it. They will be pushed to share ideas, their experience, and knowledge while also accepting information from other members of their team.

Improves Communication.

To successfully complete the Quest within the allotted time frame, the group of employees participating must communicate effectively. If there are issues between people on the team, they have to be able to overlook them and talk together about the best way to complete the puzzles, games, and riddles put in front of them. This is a skill that can be very useful when taken back to work.

Improve Time Management.

When taking part in one of these team building activities the group is limited on time. This results in the need for efficiency, so the whole team must stay on their toes and work together. This can result in natural leaders taking their place, and the most useful skills of each person being pushed to the forefront.

Use Each Person’s Unique Skills.

There are several different aspects to this activity that require the skills, knowledge, and strengths from multiple people. The only way to complete the event successfully is by utilizing what each person has to offer.

Improve Camaraderie.

The fact that these groups are able to complete the Quest set in front of them is enough to get them excited. Sharing this type of experience and accomplishment is enough to improve the morale between the participants for a long time to come.

The only way to truly discover all the benefits of an Escape the Room team building activity is by trying one out. At Paranoia Quest we have several different themes for you to choose from for your group. First, think about what goal you are trying to achieve. Talk with our knowledgeable staff about what you want to gain from your activity, and we will match you up with the right event for your employees.

at (770) 527-1285 to learn more.

To see our Special Team building pricing and details download our Corporate Team Building PowerPoint Presentation with special pricing and details below

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