College Bonding Through Escape Room Fun

Paranoia Quest

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College Awaits, Let’s Have Fun

High school goes by fast doesn’t it? One minute you’re worried about your algebra exam and the next minute you are walking up to shake hands and get your diploma. And then comes college, which is often the toughest time yet. You are forced to move into a new place to live with strangers, to make new friends and do things completely on your own. Breaking the ice can be tough, but one shared group activity has been shown to strengthen bonds and cement lifelong friendships – gathering the crew for an escape game at Paranoia Quest!

College Offers New Places and New Faces college_Group1_Paranoia Quest

It can be scary going to a college, especially one that is further from home than you might like. It’s easy to feel lost in the crowd, but there are a few things you can do to solidify friendships as you work though your courses. Clubs, sororities, fraternities, sports’ teams… all can be great ways to meet new people. But, if you are like I was in college, finding opportunities to bond outside of a club or sports can be difficult. People in your dorm or classes are potential friends however, you just need a way to come together. If you are in Atlanta, Buford or any of the surround areas, a great way to meet people is to schedule an escape game at Paranoia Quest.

College Group Team Building

These games, typically lasting about an hour or so, allow participants to work with one another for a solution, and this builds camaraderie. It also works for giving insight into how you, personally, might fit into the group. Are you a leader? A thinker? A motivator?  One escape game at either of our locations in Atlanta or Buford could be the perfect night out with a mob of folks you live with, but hardly know from Adam. And the benefits don’t stop with lonely freshmen; fraternities, sororities and sports teams have also tried our escape rooms with excellent and surprising results. Team building is no longer wholly owned by Corporate America; now it’s a beneficial exercise for any group looking to get to know one another a little better. Check out the many photos on our Facebook page and you’ll see some extremely diverse groups, and they are all smiles after their escape room experience.

Book Your College Group Activity at Paranoia Quest today! college_Group2_Paranoia Quest

Whether you want to visit our Atlanta or Buford location, you’ll find the best in group fun and team building for not just college kids, but adults, families and friends as well. Make sure, when choosing a game, to take a serious look at Zombie Apocalypse and its brand new sequel, Zombie Hour. Both games inspire not just team building, but the bonds people forge when they are scared out of their wits.

Give Paranoia Quest a call today at 678-828-4410 for our Atlanta location or 678-288-6555 for our Buford location. You can also book a session online at either location. If your first few weeks of college seem lonely, it might be time to wrangle up a few folks and have a blast at Paranoia Quest!

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