Bring a New View to Your Next Employee Search with an Escape Room Atlanta Adventure

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Change Up Your Interview Process with an Escape Room Atlanta Escape Room Hiring Process

Job hunts are stressful on both sides of the professional fence. Potential prospects are constantly seeking new opportunities. Whether employed or recently unemployed, the search pushes on. The perfect scenario is where the candidate will receive invitations to interview. Employers and recruiters are then tasked with reviewing, interviewing and deciding what to do with the candidates. This is where the process may seem to drudge on for both parties. Ask all the right questions? Are these candidates ready to commit? The number one question being “Will this be the right fit for our company culture?” That’s where an Escape Room Atlanta interview can help pull the outstanding and dedicated candidates forward.

Stand Out Among the Rest with an Escape Room Atlanta Interview

Hiring new, fresh talent is always a great time for a company. The underlying discomfort is will they fit and be with the company long-term. This is where it’s important to show how much you, the employer, is putting forth to bring them on. That’s where it’s important to ask yourself these questions:

Escape Room Team Interview

  • How much impact will that job description have?
  • How will you compete against the thousands of similar job offerings?
  • How unique can you be in order to stand out to gainfully employed resources?
  • How can you hire quickly without getting scalped by top competing companies?

The world is overly saturated with companies that want to impress and have the best workforce. That can become taxing for companies who want to attract the ideal candidates without committing too much time and losing money. Now it’s up to you as an employer to provide a unique yet revealing interview for your candidate(s). That’s where Paranoia Quest’s Escape Room Atlanta can make it simple for you.

Escape Room Atlanta Skills Work in The Office

Standing out during a job-hungry candidate’s job search can be difficult. Job descriptions are redundant and sometimes long winded. Keywords of course make the posting a little more palatable, but there are a few words in particular that will – Escape Room Atlanta interview. How will an Escape Room Atlanta interview showcase the ideal candidates? Let Paranoia Quest show you the skills our Escape Rooms will bring out of your interviewees.

  • Communication – An Escape Room Atlanta experience is all about communicating. Jobs are always driven by deadlines and there’s no tighter deadline than an Escape Room’s one hour clock. This means your interviewees must have effective communication skills in order to escape in time. Plus, this is gateway into their communication tendencies. Do they speak their mind? Do they “go with the flow”?
  • Multi-Tasking – While most studies and research may say multi-tasking is a major don’t, it’s still a great way to see into a person’s acumen. No matter the office, there will always be simultaneous tasks that need to be completed. The same goes for an Escape Room Atlanta. There are countless clues in each of our rooms. Being able to pivot each clue into the next step is crucial for escaping. However, it’s also a great way to see the candidate’s ability to control what’s thrown at them.
  • Decision-Making – Making decisions is detrimental to not only an individual’s success, but also the company’s. An Escape Room Atlanta interview experience is a great way to see how candidates make decisions. Plus, it gives insight into how quickly they do or do not come to solutions.
  • Organization – There are multiple clues throughout each room. Simply rummaging through the room is a way into how these candidates are in the workplace. If they find a clue and then simply continue on without restructuring their thoughts and the room then that can be a red flag.
  • Likeability – Back to one of the key factors in hiring. “Will they fit in?” This is normally attributed to the person’s likeability. If they are aggressive and angered when completing the Escape Room Atlanta interview, then it is you the interviewer who needs to escape. If they are polite, understanding and approachable during the interview then that’s an obvious green light.

Escape Room Atlanta Interview Experiences

With the skills in mind, now it’s important to decide which room will showcase each candidate’s uniqueness. Of course a questionnaire about their interest is a good way inside their personal preferences. However, there are a few different types of rooms that can appeal to all. Here are the types of Escape Room Atlanta experiences you can provide your interviewees.

Escape The Room - Zombie

  • Zombies Walking Dead fans? Loves old zombie movies? Either way, we’ve got just the rooms for them. We offer Zombie Apocalypse and even a LIVE Zombie Experience. These rooms are challenging and put your candidates’ skills to the test.
  • Investigative – Most everyone has some sort of fascination with shows about solving crimes and escaping in time. In the Murder Mystery room, your interviewee(s) have been chosen to enter the Dreamscape of the victim and solve his mysterious murder – discovering his identity, the date of his demise, and who exactly is behind his murder.
  • Jail Break – In this Escape Room Atlanta, your candidates have been arrested accidentally. Now that they have been locked in a local jail, they have to find a way to make contact the government before anything else goes wrong. It appears that one of the guards is on their side, and he was able to disconnect the security cameras for them. The interviewee(s) have an hour to escape before a new guard arrives and the cameras come back on. Can they use their skills to escape in time?

An Interview at Escape Room Atlanta is How To Attract Talent

Paranoia Quest offers many different Escape Room Atlanta Experiences for you and your candidates. It’s not only a great way to change up the interview process, bur an even better way to build a connection with candidates. Put your interviewees to the test and book a time by contacting Paranoia Quest today at 678-828-4410. You can always book a time on our website; click here to book a room in Atlanta. Connect with us on Facebook to stay up-to-date on new escape rooms and more!

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