Best Kept Secrets for Mastering an Escape Room in Lawrenceville

Best Kept Secrets for Mastering an Escape Room in Lawrenceville - Escape Room Tools

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What You Need to Know About and Escape Room in Lawrenceville

It’s summer! It’s time to experience new, fun and exciting things. With summer comes the wide variety of activities and events to take on. The question is what can you do to stay cool and have fun? You, your friends and your family really want to try something new. An Escape Room in Lawrenceville is the best way to have some fun this summer. But what do you need to know about defeating one of these Escape Rooms? Paranoia Quest has got you covered.

How to Master an Escape Room in Lawrenceville

Escape Rooms are created solely for one purpose and that is to not let anyone escape. However, you and your team’s objective is to do just that – escape. Sometimes that’s easy, and sometimes it’s much harder. Here at Paranoia Quest, it’s a fun challenge to take on. We do have some tips and secrets on how you can master an Escape Room in Lawrenceville.

  • Team Up, Not Bunch Up – We’ve all done this since we were children. We all gang up on one aspect of what we’re trying to accomplish and can’t solve the issue quick enough. In Escape Rooms, clues are hidden throughout each room. Some are quick to find, and others not so much. Standing around one clue can not only waste time, but keep you from connecting other clues. Don’t bunch up when in an Escape Room in Lawrenceville.
  • Share – An Escape Room is a team effort. Keeping clues to yourself is the opposite of what should happen in an Escape Room. This could also be an idea or personal clue you may have stumbled upon. Verbalize what you see and think. Others may have the same thoughts or have ideas that needed that one last piece you had.
  • Watch the Time – A majority of Escape Rooms typically take 60 minutes. That can bring on a false sense of security. Getting comfortable with the time frame can result in a time crunch if idly looking for clues. By starting out with a sense of urgency, you’re able to get a majority if the clues out of the way sooner than later. Trying to find the clues in the last few minutes is much more difficult than over the whole hour.
  • Know When To Dig Deep – When looking for clues, there are certain aspects of these Escape Rooms that don’t always fit. If there is a shelf with one book, that’s possibly a clue. If the shelf is full, that’s less likely to be a clue. However, the opposite tactic would be to dig through every aspect of the room. No matter the tactic, knowing when to dive in is key to escaping on time. Figuring out what fits and what doesn’t is important to know when to dig deep.
  • Organize Found Clues– Escape Rooms can hold countless hints and clues. Making sure to keep them in order is crucial to escaping in time. By placing them in pockets or out of sight that results in lost time and valuable clues. Make sure to keep these clues in mind and don’t let them be forgotten during the process.
  • What To Bring – Escape Rooms are meant for just that – escaping. Not only are you trying to escape, but you’re also removed from the outside world for an hour. Phones are put away, no extra belongings, no purses it’s just you, your team and the clock. Try to leave any excess items in your car or at home. Wear comfortable clothes, or themed clothes, to best enjoy your Escape Room in Lawrenceville.

Helpful Hint – Bring a wristwatch! Most Escape Rooms will provide a countdown clock, but being prepared is never a bad idea. Having someone with a wristwatch it helps keep the team on their toes. It’s your goal to beat the clock and not let it beat you!

New Experiences with an Escape Room in Lawrenceville

With some of those tips, an Escape Room in Lawrenceville should be nothing but fun for you, your family and friends. Now the question is: what room(s)? Well each room offers something unique and different. Let us help you decide which rooms are best for you and your team!

  • Zombies – Whether you’re a fan of The Walking Dead or not, we all like zombies. At our Escape Room in Lawrenceville, we have Zombie Hour which is an apocalyptic zombie world we’re there are only a few unaffected people left. An infection vaccine was uploaded to the one of research Vault’s in Eastern Europe. Unfortunately, the scientist there never responded. Your mission, assemble Special Forces team to break into the facility and find the vaccine before it’s too late.
  • Wonderland – Things have gone terribly wrong in Wonderland! The magic clock and time itself has stopped working. The only hope left is you and your team. The magic clock must be fixed before wonderland is stuck forever. This is a perfect opportunity to dress the part too!
  • Jail Break – We all have some sort of fascination with solving crimes. This time, it’s you and your team trying to escape authorities before it’s too late. In Jail Break, a guard in the jail you are being held in has taken your side. However, you only have one hour before the cameras restart. How can you escape in time?

An Escape Room in Lawrenceville and Mastering Your Summer Fun

Doing something new and exciting is what Escape Rooms are all about. Taking the time to make sure you know the ins-and-outs beforehand is also crucial. But, remember the #1 Rule of any escape room is to have fun! At Paranoia Quest, we can help you, your friends and your families get more out of your summer with an Escape Room in Lawrenceville. Contact Paranoia Quest today at 678-828-4410 for our Downtown Atlanta location or 678-288-6555 for out Buford location. You can also book rooms through our website by clicking here. Connect with us on Facebook to stay-up-to-date on our new escape rooms and more.

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