Bad Gift, Did You Handle Yours with Pizzazz?

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Well Christmas is past, but the memory of a bad gift still lingers.

Christmas morning and the family was gathered in heightened anticipation of the gifts about to be opened. Like Ralphie from A Christmas Story, you knew immediately that Aunt Martha’s gift was going to be a “pink bunny suit” or in your case, bright colored underwear that is undoubtedly two sizes too large.  All of us fall victim each year to at least once being the recipient of a bad gift. But as our parents say, “It’s not the gift but the thought that counts.” Of course that does not help much when you are the target of the worst of these gifts, the blindside bad gift.Ralphie_pinksuit

You know these. They are the gifts that come in a beautifully wrapped package, only to reveal an assortment of jellies in small jars or the great electronics box, that when opened exposes that the box was merely reused and contains socks. So there you were faced with the ultimate, unexpected bad present—the blindside bad gift. To make matters worse, these may even come from the person closest to you, a spouse, your mom…the ones you trust to know your deepest gift desires.

How did you handle this “bad gift” ambush?

Not handling it correctly can set the tone for parental side discussions and family gathering conversations for all of 2017. You need a strategy to plan for the bad gift trap that is sure to surprise you not just for Christmas, but all year long. So here are a few tips to help you “fake” your way through the gift opening tradition, without causing a family conflict that is sure to be THE topic until next year’s bad gift arrival.

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Were you the recipient of a bad gift, or worse…a bad gift giver? Redemption awaits NOW by rewarding yourself or that unsuspecting loved one with a great gift idea that is sure to thrill anyone…and put you back in good graces. Get a Paranoia Quest gift card and hold your head up high or just come have some fun on your own.


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