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The Dig

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Everyone has a little sense of adventure locked away inside them. There is a desire within us to discover the unknown. Why do you think people get so excited for puzzles or at yard sales?

Adventure Awaits

The discovery of something new and the possibility of taking something home to add value to your life intrigues us. Treasure hunting is the physical search for treasure or something of value. It’s the perfect way to add adventure into your life. While you’re visiting the Mall of Georgia, consider putting down those shopping bags and discovering something new.

Benefits of Treasure Hunting

  1. the dig navigateNavigational Skills: By participating in treasure hunting you can gain an understanding of navigational techniques, like how to read a map, follow directions, tracking, and memory recall. These skills are some that very few people have in the age of modern technology.
  2. Teamwork Development: Treasure hunting can be used as a social ice breaker. It gathers people together and gives them a common goal to achieve. It also encourages responsibility, communication, and leadership as well as shows how each member of the team can uniquely contribute and work under pressure.
  3. Stimulates the Mind: Beyond teamwork, the adventure of treasure hunting challenges people on an individual level. Players use their own unique knowledge, skills and abilities to interpret and find clues and creatively search for answers.
  4. Teaches Responsibility: Along with the required teamwork, hunters have to follow directions, use and develop listening skills, and create strategies and plans to solve problems as well as learn to be flexible when faced with challenges. It wouldn’t be an adventure without some bumps in the road.
  5. Rewarding: The joy of discovery is universally understood. Most people like the feeling of solving a mystery, cracking a code or discovering the unknown. Remember the sense of exhilaration experienced when a math problem clicked in your head in school, the same can be said when you make a discovery. Problem solving can boost self-esteem and confidence.
  6. Promotes Social Interaction: Whether you are hunting with friends or strangers the search gets you out of your comfort zone and interacting with fellow teammates to ensure the team goal is met. Healthy competition also creates an atmosphere for new friendships to be built.

Search No Further – The Dig  The Dig

If you are looking for a way to treasure hunt but aren’t ready to hop on a plane consider a short trip to Buford, GA where you can participate in a unique adventure, The DIG. Explore a long lost ancient Aztec temple as part of an international archaeologist team where you are sent to retrieve the temple riches before local government closes it off from the public.

At Paranoia Quest we are all about helping you have the perfect experience no matter the occasion. Book your room at Paranoia Quest Escape the Room now for our Buford location and become your own Indiana Jones. Book Now online or call us at: (678) 828-4410.

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